Music for studying – TLBI Playlist #1

Have you ever wanted to have a collection of music for studying so that you can study uninterrupted? Well, this is it. An every updating library of songs.

Music has always been part of our lives since the ancient days, probably since the birth of civilization. Although the music then was not synthetic (made by us) and composed mainly from the natural sounds present around. I think it has deeply rooted within our lives and since then evolved ever.

If you are a sincere student then at times you might have known the feel when you want to cut off any audio-visual disturbances you have from your surroundings. I, myself have always found the need for a suitable set of songs that I can set in my playlist and do my studies uninterrupted.

The songs I am listing here are available on Amazon Prime music but if you search on different apps, you may find them on your preferred music app as well.

TLBI playlist #1

Stay tuned for more

I would love to know which songs you listen while studying or when doing something very focused.
– Happy Learning

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